Friday, August 10, 2012

A Birthday Gift to YOU!

My birthday is this weekend. I was thinking about how we all like to get birthday presents, but unfortunately as we get older those usually seem to go by the wayside. Even Birthday cards that once flooded the mail box...well at least mine is usually fairly empty. (To make note, there are 2 people that I can always KNOW there will be a card from in the mail.) It's just life as you get older. So I thought it would be fun to give a Birthday present! Why not, right? Its MY birthday! I am not having a party or anything, but this could be just as fun!

What is the present? I can't tell you that! It will be wrapped!
What do I have to do? Enter the drawing
How do I enter? Fill in the blanks or answer the questions how you think I would answer.

For more entries, answer them for yourself as well, send me a link or email. ( Share on your own blog and link back. Share on FB. Each will get you another entry, just make sure you let me know what you have done. Plus I want the fun of reading them all!

The drawing will be held on Sunday August 12 between 10pm and midnight (EST) Then I will announce the winner on Monday morning! Sounds good?

So here are the questions!
  1. How old am I this year?
  2. Name one of the strangest pets I have owned.
  3. I don't believe in ____________, but I DO believe in______!
  4. My most embarrassing moment involved ______________________.
  5. Something I say a lot?
  6. Who is my favorite actress?
  7. The truth hurts, but _______ hurts worse!
  8. Where was I when the world stopped turning?
  9. Name 1 thing I am good at, and 1 thing I am not that good at.
  10. If I could spend a day doing ANYTHING and it cost me nothing, what would I do?

    Have fun! I know I will have fun picking out your Birthday Present!


~Abbey~ said...

Kelly has emailed with 2 entries

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Donnell has emailed 1 entry :)

~Abbey~ said...

Tara's entry

1. 53
2. Rattlesnake
3. Fairy tales .... Scientology
4. Mom
5. My sister is ahhhhhsome!!!!
6. Myself!!
7. Stabbing myself
8. The sand pit making castles
9. Yelling at your kids .... napping all day
10. Make a mom cave

Bagahaha I did it!! Lol

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Dusty has 1 entry

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Tara has 1 more entry