Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Step of Obedience!

You know that feeling that you are about to cry? It usually is a building event. Something is stirred inside of you, you get that lump in your throat, and you feel your eyes tearing up. You try to hold it back as long as you can. Then whatever is prodding you climaxes, and you burst into tears. I don't do that often at all. However, almost every time I cry that is the sequence. Few things in life draw a tear immediately. I am sure upon hearing that someone close to me has died or had a tragic accident, I would be flooded with tears immediately- fortunately though, I have not had that experience.

Two other things do that to me though.
 #1 hearing of someone's salvation. I can not hold back tears. It just happens. I am SO filled with joy, I cry immediately.
#2 watching my children be baptized.

I have led 3 of my children to the Lord. I prayed and prayed that I would be a tool God would use and hoped that He would allow me that specific privilege; to be there to pray with them in that moment of repentance. He granted me that. I am ever grateful!
Clayton was baptized in June 2008.
he looks so little!

Candice was baptized in February 2012

and Cameron was also recently baptized, May 2012
She was SO excited!

Can't wait!

Letting Pastor get organized

Oh man! Look at all those people staring at me!

Cameron, do you know for sure that Jesus lives in your heart?

DUNK! She was grinning so much this whole time, she took in good bit of water!

All done! still grinning ear to ear!

3 John 1:4~ I have no greater joy than to hear [see] that my children are walking in the truth.

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C. Beth said...

Awesome!! I am looking forward to this day with my kids!